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What Is The Perfect Bearded Dragon Setup?

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If it is the first time you keep bearded dragons, setting up the enclosure habitat for them can be a daunting task. There are some basic factors that bearded dragons require to live healthy and happy.

In order to create the perfect bearded dragon setup and keep them safe; you have to offer them the comfortable cage, the heat and lighting systems, proper substrate and decoration and the bowls of food as well.

#1 Cage for bearded dragon

It is obvious that terrarium is the most important thing that you have to prepare for your pets as soon as you take them home. Your bearded dragons will spend most of their time in this cage, it is will be their home so you will want it to be safe and secure.

In the first years of age, bearded dragons will grow about a centimeter a week. They also prefer to walk around their cage and like to climb on the rocks or perches for basking.

Therefore, you should provide them a cage that is large enough for their growth and easily moves around or doing exercise. The best tanks bearded dragons should large about three times than your bearded dragon’s lengths.

#2 Heat and Light

Bearded dragons’ natural habitat is desert. So you need to mimic this high temperature in their captive environment. They prefer to bask under the direct sunlight.

And this feature should be reproduced by a baking area that places underneath a baking bulb in the cage. There are some specialized bulbs that are designed to provide heat for reptiles.

Bearded dragons also require UV light in their cage. UV light includes UVA and UVB rays. These lights can help bearded dragons maintain the internal o’clock, and also help them absorb vitamin D3 in order to synthesis calcium for strong bones.

#3 Substrate and decoration

Bearded dragons should not live and walk on a bare glass floor. Therefore they need substrate. There is sub material is considered as safe substrates for bearded dragons such as newspaper, paper towel, reptile carpet, etc.

Bearded dragons also need large and stable rock for basking. Driftwood, grapevine also the good stuff for the cage decoration and encourage your bearded dragons more active.

#4 Food and water bowls

Bearded dragons should be offered adequate food and water bowls to be fed. The bowls that you choose should be shallow for the dragons easy to access and see the food. It is also should deep enough so the live insects cannot escape.