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Best UVB Bulb: Repti-Sun 10.0 UVB VS. Evergreen Pet Supplies 100 Watt Bulb

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Reptiles in the enclosure have to be provided with all the requirements if you went them to thrive well. Reptiles rely on external sources of heat to keep their bodies warm. Besides, when you keep reptiles as pets, you will need to serve them the best UVB bulb for processing vitamin D, and synthesizes calcium.

This post will help you easier to choose UVB light bulbs by introducing to you two popular bulbs: Repti-Sun 10.0 UVB VS. Evergreen Pet Supplies 100 Watt Mercury Vapor Bulb.

#1 Types of bulbs

Repti-sun is Fluorescent bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs are the ideal options if you are a beginner or limited on budgets since Fluorescent bulbs have reasonable prices and fairly easy to mount.

Fluorescent bulbs are also safer to use if you do not have any experience for reptile lighting. These bulbs will provide only UVB rays for your reptiles. That means they do not radiant heat and you will still need a basking bulb as well.

Evergreen Mercury Vapor bulb, on the other hand, is the all-in-one bulb. It will be the solution for reptile keepers, who’ve got some experience in reptile lighting. A Mercury Vapor Bulb will provide UVA, UVB and heat for your reptiles.

You will not need to set up the complex lighting with more than one bulb in your cage. Mercury Vapor Bulbs are more expensive, lasting for longer and also stronger than Fluorescent UVB bulbs.

#2 Life span

In order to get the best result from the bulbs, it is better to replace the bulbs for a period of time. Even if the bulbs still emit the light, but they may no longer effective and provide enough amount of UVB that your reptiles require.

Repti-Sun bulb will provide an adequate amount of UVB for most of your pets and will last anywhere from 6 to 12 months on average. However, you should replace it with the new bulb for about 6 months.

Evergreen mercury vapor bulb will last for longer than Repti-Sun. You can replace this bulb every 12 months. This will ensure that your reptiles still receive an optimal level of UVB that is being put out.

#3 The tank to use for

There are differences between Repti-Sun 5.0 and 10.0. You should use the Repti-Sun 5.0 for the tanks that re 10 gallons. And 10.0 Repti-Sun bulb can work great with at least 40 gallons tank.

Evergreen 100 Watt bulb also should be used for 40 gallons tanks. If you are keeping more than 40 gallons tank, you can use the 160 Watt Mercury Vapor Bulb.

Fall Art Show on Plum Island

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Opening tonight! 5-8 at the PITA Hall on Plum Island! Come see new works by your favorite Saltbox Artists and works by our 4 guest artists. With Photography, painting, pottery and jewelry there's something for everyone. Not to mention beer from True North Ale Co. and food from the Plum Island Grille!

The event to the link is in our bio!

8 Plum Island Boulevard, Newbury, MA 01951

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Deb Pinciaro creates magical unique pieces of pottery. Visit us this weekend on Plum Island at PITA Hall to see all the new work the artists are bringing!!

Saltbox Gallery Show today on Plum Island

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Saltbox Gallery Show today on Plum Island. Come and join us. Open 10am - 5pm. Pottery, jewelry, photography, paintings, sculpture and more. Come on in on this rainy day!!

Andrea M. Holbrook: Enjoyed the show yesterday. Missed former artists Laura Stover and Robert Hahn this year.

Saltbox Gallery: Andrea M. Holbrook so did we! We hope to see Robert in the next show! Thank you so much for coming!

Our 28th Holiday ART SHOW!!

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Come on down to Coolidge Hall, TOPSFIELD FAIRGROUNDS, TOPSFIELD, MA today and tomorrow for our 28th Holiday ART SHOW!! SILENT AUCTION!!! Wonderful artists and artisans offering beautiful merchandise! Great opening night. Our special Gold Circle VIP guests came early and were treated to champagne and early purchasing!

Andrea M. Holbrook Nice show. Great assortment.

Karyl Hayes

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Karyl Hayes,  one of the founding members in 1988 of the Saltbox Gallery, is a member of the Copley Society and the North Shore Arts Association.

Karyl is an “en plein air” painter who uses watercolor to explore the play of light on the landscape. Growing up on the Maine Coast cultivated a love of the inter-relatedness of the sea, sky and land, a focus which has influenced the direction for much of her painting.

Karyl teaches watercolor on the Isles of Shoals (Road Scholar Program) and exhibits widely on the North Shore.

In 2010, her watercolor, “September Blueberry Fields”, earned the Paul Strisik Memorial Award for Outstanding Landscape at the North Shore Art Association. In 2014 “Catching the Light” won the Mary James & Slater Brown Memorial Award for Excellence in the Rockport Art Association Contributing Member Show.

How often should you clean your 10 gallons tank filter?

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If you want to improve the quality of your water, you filter work efficiently and keep the water well-oxygenated, it is absolutely essential to frequently clean you tank filter. Many aquarium owners do not have the cleaning habit for their filters on a regular basis and this can lead to problems with water chemistry.

It is much more essential and require more frequency when it comes to small tank as 10 gallons tank. Even you get the best filter for a 10 gallon tank, you also need to include your aquarium filter in your routine cleaning schedule if you want to keep your tank clean and running properly.

#1 Mechanical filter

Mechanical filters need their sponge or foam pad cleaned around every 4 to 6 weeks. However, there is the note that you should do this work with the same time as you change a part of your aquarium water. Clean your mechanical filters after tis one or two weeks. This will help your fish avoid from two shocks at the same time and being stress.

Cleaning it by always swishing it around in water that you take out from your aquarium. Do not clean it under the tap, you just need to remove the dirt and debris by your hands and then replace the sponge or pad.

#2 Chemical filters

Chemical filters contain carbon and it requests to be replaced frequently, around every 3-4 weeks. This is mainly because carbon removes chlorine, tannins, and other harmful chemicals but it is only effective for a few weeks, and then you need to replace the cartridges.

Making the habit of doing this once a month along with your partial water change. I even do it more often when my 10 gallons tank becomes cloudy very quickly. However, the draw back if you have a cartridge in your chemical filter is that it can be difficult to clean and messy to maintain.

#3 Biological filters

Your biological filters contain a huge amount of bacteria to process fish waste. The more bacteria you have, the cleaner your tank will be in the long term Due to this replace your biological filters means that you will kill these bacteria.

So, biological filters do not need to be cleaned very often or at all. If you want to clean a biological filter, it is better to do it in the water from the tank, while you doing the partial water change.

Artist member Candy Way

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Artist member Candy Way has been busy painting images of four siblings. She was commissioned to paint them for a gift. Instead of one large painting she and the client opted for four 7 x 5 paintings to hang as a grouping. This now allows each child to take their painting in the future. She takes commissions if you are interested.

Happy holidays from the Saltbox Gallery!

"Twas the night before Christmas" by Margie Florini.

This is what we do after a show on Plum Island watching the Patriots at Plum Island Grille. Is with Karyl Hayes

To our Saltbox family

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Historically the Saltbox Gallery has always had a spring show. We have been in the process of planning this year's show for early May, however in light of the current Covid-19 outbreak we are going to postpone our annual spring show. Making this decision was tough for us, but it was an easy decision to make. The health of you, our customers, our devoted followers, our friends, our family is of the utmost importance to us.

We have decided to move our show to the weekend of July 31st - August 2nd. We’re excited to be on Plum Island during the height of the summer season. (and the end of greenhead season!) We’ve already begun the process of planning our show, this delay only gives us more time to provide all of you with the best show possible. We’re going to have a blast and we can’t wait to see you all.

Stay tuned for updates on what our member artists are working on.

Stay safe and wash your hands. We look forward to seeing all of you this summer.

Thank you.
The Saltbox Gallery

A panoramic photograph of Menemsha, Martha's Vineyard by member artist Joe Frio

Why Should You Get Reptile Heat Mat?

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Reptiles can be a unique and excellent animal that become popular to keep as pets. However, they also have some requirements that should be adopted that other normal pets wouldn’t. One of those important requirements is the proper temperature.

The most effective and safest heat source you can get for your enclosure is reptile heat mat. This heat mats not only an economical way to provide heat for your reptiles but also keep your pet comfortable and healthy.

What is reptile heat mat?

The best reptile heat mat is the pad that emanates heat for reptile tanks and takes a portion of the tank. Almost heat mats are designed to be placed under the tank and prove heat from the bottom up.

There are quite many types of heat mats that come in a variety of sizes and wattages. The heat mat is ideal to use for animals that do not require UV light and do not prefer to basking, they are usually nocturnal animals.

Heat mat compare with the other heat sources

There are many different methods to provide heat for reptiles. Some owners can use heat tape in reptiles tank but this product was not made specially to use for animals in captivity. It tends to overheat your pets.

Ceramic heat emitter is also another heat source but it consumes a lot of electricity than heat mat. Sometimes it can cause the damage of burning your skin if you are any old how.

Hot rock is a common method to provide heat but it has been known to causing burns since reptiles will lay and spend a lot of their time on it.

The reason that the heat mat is valued over other heating systems is that it takes less cost to buy and bring more efficiency. The amount of heat that the heat mat provides is gentle and barely. It won’t take you lots of effort to maintain and its life span is much longer than another heat source.

The best reptile heating pad will maintain a constant temperature inside the tank during the day and night without bothers your reptiles when they sleep.

Debbie Frio

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I began sewing as a child and spent many years making clothes. As I got older curtains and other home décor items became added to my repertoire. In 1994, I took a class to learn how to quilt through my local town’s community services and have been addicted to all things quilts and quilting ever since.

I make quilts and quilted accessories from patterns, blocks and my own designs. I enjoy trying out different block combinations and patterns to create interesting and unique quilts, table runner and bed runners.

I see fabric the way and artist sees paint. Different uses of fabric designs and colors can make two of the same patterns look entirely different. That is where the fun starts when making a quilt!