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Common myths when buying fish in closest aquarium store to me

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It is not an easy task to be a master of keeping fish. Especially when you are just a beginner, you can be overwhelming about so much information and things need to notice. It leads to mistakes when keeping fish.

You can easy to buy fish at the closest aquarium store to me, but they might actually explain to you all your misconceptions about keeping fish.  This article below will helps you to avoid making these mistakes.

#1 Buying tank and fish at the same time

The most reputable fish store won’t allow you to make this mistake. However, the generic closest fish store to me or fish stands in the fairs won’t warn you and allow it to happen.

You should know that, before bringing your fish home and place them in your tank, the tank needs to have beneficial bacteria, which created the nitrogen cycle.

It will take about 2-3 days after you set up your tank done for the growth of beneficial bacteria. The tank does not contain beneficial bacteria will cause the death of fish due to a spike in ammonia.

#2 Keeping the incompatible fish

Not any types of fish are friendly, docile and can live in harmony with others. Therefore, before deciding to buy fish, you have to check their ability of compatibility. For example, betta fish even cannot live with the other same species fish. Sometimes, they are become aggressive and fight each other because they cannot compatible with the environment.

Almost the closest pet shop to me will have a compatibility list you can check before buying. But if it not, you can check this compatibility list online before visiting the store.

#3 Changing all the water in the aquarium

Many people think that changing all the water in the tank can optimal cleaning. This is the big mistake can kill your fish. As we are mention above, fish need beneficial bacteria to live healthy. But replace all the water at once time will destroy these bacteria and ecosystem, which contained in your aquarium.

Instead of replacing all the water, you should remove only about 15-20% of the total water in your aquarium. This is will help you maintain pH levels and temperature within the safe threshold. Moreover. You can use the best aquarium gravel vacuum to easily replace both dirty water and fish wastes at the bottom of the tank.