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Best UVB Bulb: Repti-Sun 10.0 UVB VS. Evergreen Pet Supplies 100 Watt Bulb

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Reptiles in the enclosure have to be provided with all the requirements if you went them to thrive well. Reptiles rely on external sources of heat to keep their bodies warm. Besides, when you keep reptiles as pets, you will need to serve them the best UVB bulb for processing vitamin D, and synthesizes calcium.

This post will help you easier to choose UVB light bulbs by introducing to you two popular bulbs: Repti-Sun 10.0 UVB VS. Evergreen Pet Supplies 100 Watt Mercury Vapor Bulb.

#1 Types of bulbs

Repti-sun is Fluorescent bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs are the ideal options if you are a beginner or limited on budgets since Fluorescent bulbs have reasonable prices and fairly easy to mount.

Fluorescent bulbs are also safer to use if you do not have any experience for reptile lighting. These bulbs will provide only UVB rays for your reptiles. That means they do not radiant heat and you will still need a basking bulb as well.

Evergreen Mercury Vapor bulb, on the other hand, is the all-in-one bulb. It will be the solution for reptile keepers, who’ve got some experience in reptile lighting. A Mercury Vapor Bulb will provide UVA, UVB and heat for your reptiles.

You will not need to set up the complex lighting with more than one bulb in your cage. Mercury Vapor Bulbs are more expensive, lasting for longer and also stronger than Fluorescent UVB bulbs.

#2 Life span

In order to get the best result from the bulbs, it is better to replace the bulbs for a period of time. Even if the bulbs still emit the light, but they may no longer effective and provide enough amount of UVB that your reptiles require.

Repti-Sun bulb will provide an adequate amount of UVB for most of your pets and will last anywhere from 6 to 12 months on average. However, you should replace it with the new bulb for about 6 months.

Evergreen mercury vapor bulb will last for longer than Repti-Sun. You can replace this bulb every 12 months. This will ensure that your reptiles still receive an optimal level of UVB that is being put out.

#3 The tank to use for

There are differences between Repti-Sun 5.0 and 10.0. You should use the Repti-Sun 5.0 for the tanks that re 10 gallons. And 10.0 Repti-Sun bulb can work great with at least 40 gallons tank.

Evergreen 100 Watt bulb also should be used for 40 gallons tanks. If you are keeping more than 40 gallons tank, you can use the 160 Watt Mercury Vapor Bulb.