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Best Light For Leopard Gecko: OMAYKEY 100W VS. Zoo Med Basking Combo

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If you are planning to keep a leopard gecko, then you first need to learn and research about their lighting and temperature needs to live in confinement. 

Leopard geckos are nocturnal animals, they are more active, do almost activities during the night and sleep all day. They do not need lots of light but the proper lighting also very important for the overall well being of leopard geckos.

These following are the best light for leopard gecko that we recommend to you in order to help you avoid overwhelming when choosing a light for your pets: OMAYKEY 100W 2 Pack Ceramic Heat Lamp VS. Zoo Med Basking bulb pack Day and Night Combo.

#1 Temperature

When it comes to best UVB light for leopard gecko, the temperature is also an important part because the lighting is the way to provide heat. Unless you are using the heat pads to warm up your pets from below, you will not need the heating bulb as the heat source.

The Zoo Med Basking Combo is the all in one since it includes a daylight spot lamp and an infrared heat lamp.  The reptile Basking Spot is 75 watts will do the work of provides heat for you leopard geckos during the day. Due to two heat bulbs, this combo will serve heat for your pets 24 hours a day.

The spot lamp also emits a concentrated heat source for your leopard gecko basking under. This lamp can be able to focus 35% more light and heat in one spot and can last for 2000 hours.

OMAYKET ceramic heat power is 100 Watts and the input voltage is AC 90-120V. Like Basking combo of Zoo Med, this ceramic lamp also can emit heat for 24 hours per day with 100% efficiency. 

It could last 9000-15000 hours and so on. When it comes to heating, there is no much lamp that can more effective than a ceramic bulb.

#2 Night time lighting

Leopard geckos are nocturnal reptiles, they mainly active in the nighttime. If you are providing them with a while lighting all day. It will affect on regulating your Leo’s internal clock. Instead, to avoid bother your pets at night, you should offer them red or blue light.  

A mention above, Zoo Med basking combo includes both daylight bulb and an infrared het bulb to use for the night. This infrared heat lamp is made out of the red glass with premium quality, which will offer a 24-hour heat source for your leopard geckos.

The 100W black infrared heat bulb of OMAYKEY is made of solid ceramics element. It has a perfect heat radiation feature with no light emitted. Which will ensure your pets will receive enough amount of heat that they need without being disturbed by white light at night.