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The reason why bearded dragon running

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The bearded dragon is usually a very calm reptile, it will not have actions that are too excited or suddenly become energetic. However, many bearded dragons are running around, is this a suspicious behavior?

 Bearded dragon running is not the action of a single animal, it can occur in any bearded dragon. This action can come from a variety of reasons and you can show how to respond through these reasons.

Long-time bearded dragon owners are also elusive and explain this behavior of bearded dragon. Especially for beginners, you need to really focus on your pet from the smallest things to keep them healthy and happy.

Here are the main reasons why a bearded dragon runs around:

#1 Being threaten

The bearded dragon will probably suddenly run around if it feels a threat approaching it.

The threat of a bearded dragon is usually an animal of a larger size than it, an unusual light change or a loud noise.

Running is a natural behavior of any animal that is free from intimidation, and bearded dragons are no exception.

#2 Wrong approach

The bearded dragon may suddenly run away if you approach it the wrong way. Not all approaches are right and you need to know how to bearded dragons don’t run away when you want to pick them up.

The bearded dragon has an eye on the top of his head to sense the change in light, which is what helps them escape the threats from above.

That’s why you should avoid approaching it from the top. Gently pick it up from both sides.

#3 Strange

The bearded dragon may run away from strangers it first encounters. They can be distinguished through body odor.

#4 Glass surfing

Bearded dragons can run around the cage if they have too much power. This phenomenon is called glass surfing and it happens when the temperature in the cage is turned off or there is something wrong with the humidifier.

So check the devices to calm down the bearded dragon.