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Posts published in “Artists”

Laura Elkins Stover

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Laura Elkins Stover is a popular North Shore Artist who works mainly in oil, pastel and acrylic. She is best known for her still life paintings, portraits and paintings of…

Michael Milczarek

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Michael grew up and lives on Massachusetts’s North Shore where he draws his inspiration from painting the everyday scene. “We have a great range on subject matter to draw from…

Candy Way

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Fine art has been a part of Candy’s life from an early age when she was often a model for her artist mother, Ernee  Way. Later, she became her mother’s…

Debbie Frio

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I began sewing as a child and spent many years making clothes. As I got older curtains and other home décor items became added to my repertoire. In 1994, I…

Karyl Hayes

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Karyl Hayes,  one of the founding members in 1988 of the Saltbox Gallery, is a member of the Copley Society and the North Shore Arts Association. Karyl is an “en…