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What Is The Perfect Bearded Dragon Setup?

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If it is the first time you keep bearded dragons, setting up the enclosure habitat for them can be a daunting task. There are some basic factors that bearded dragons require to live healthy and happy.

In order to create the perfect bearded dragon setup and keep them safe; you have to offer them the comfortable cage, the heat and lighting systems, proper substrate and decoration and the bowls of food as well.

#1 Cage for bearded dragon

It is obvious that terrarium is the most important thing that you have to prepare for your pets as soon as you take them home. Your bearded dragons will spend most of their time in this cage, it is will be their home so you will want it to be safe and secure.

In the first years of age, bearded dragons will grow about a centimeter a week. They also prefer to walk around their cage and like to climb on the rocks or perches for basking.

Therefore, you should provide them a cage that is large enough for their growth and easily moves around or doing exercise. The best tanks bearded dragons should large about three times than your bearded dragon’s lengths.

#2 Heat and Light

Bearded dragons’ natural habitat is desert. So you need to mimic this high temperature in their captive environment. They prefer to bask under the direct sunlight.

And this feature should be reproduced by a baking area that places underneath a baking bulb in the cage. There are some specialized bulbs that are designed to provide heat for reptiles.

Bearded dragons also require UV light in their cage. UV light includes UVA and UVB rays. These lights can help bearded dragons maintain the internal o’clock, and also help them absorb vitamin D3 in order to synthesis calcium for strong bones.

#3 Substrate and decoration

Bearded dragons should not live and walk on a bare glass floor. Therefore they need substrate. There is sub material is considered as safe substrates for bearded dragons such as newspaper, paper towel, reptile carpet, etc.

Bearded dragons also need large and stable rock for basking. Driftwood, grapevine also the good stuff for the cage decoration and encourage your bearded dragons more active.

#4 Food and water bowls

Bearded dragons should be offered adequate food and water bowls to be fed. The bowls that you choose should be shallow for the dragons easy to access and see the food. It is also should deep enough so the live insects cannot escape.

Common myths when buying fish in closest aquarium store to me

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It is not an easy task to be a master of keeping fish. Especially when you are just a beginner, you can be overwhelming about so much information and things need to notice. It leads to mistakes when keeping fish.

You can easy to buy fish at the closest aquarium store to me, but they might actually explain to you all your misconceptions about keeping fish.  This article below will helps you to avoid making these mistakes.

#1 Buying tank and fish at the same time

The most reputable fish store won’t allow you to make this mistake. However, the generic closest fish store to me or fish stands in the fairs won’t warn you and allow it to happen.

You should know that, before bringing your fish home and place them in your tank, the tank needs to have beneficial bacteria, which created the nitrogen cycle.

It will take about 2-3 days after you set up your tank done for the growth of beneficial bacteria. The tank does not contain beneficial bacteria will cause the death of fish due to a spike in ammonia.

#2 Keeping the incompatible fish

Not any types of fish are friendly, docile and can live in harmony with others. Therefore, before deciding to buy fish, you have to check their ability of compatibility. For example, betta fish even cannot live with the other same species fish. Sometimes, they are become aggressive and fight each other because they cannot compatible with the environment.

Almost the closest pet shop to me will have a compatibility list you can check before buying. But if it not, you can check this compatibility list online before visiting the store.

#3 Changing all the water in the aquarium

Many people think that changing all the water in the tank can optimal cleaning. This is the big mistake can kill your fish. As we are mention above, fish need beneficial bacteria to live healthy. But replace all the water at once time will destroy these bacteria and ecosystem, which contained in your aquarium.

Instead of replacing all the water, you should remove only about 15-20% of the total water in your aquarium. This is will help you maintain pH levels and temperature within the safe threshold. Moreover. You can use the best aquarium gravel vacuum to easily replace both dirty water and fish wastes at the bottom of the tank.

What is the bearded dragon size?

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Bearded dragons are one of the most preferred pet reptiles today. So did you know how big dose a bearded dragon gets? They come in a variety of sizes from 4 inches to even 24 inches long.

Base on the size of your dragon, you will know the size of the tank that you should buy to keep your dragon comfortable. This article below will help you decide your bearded dragon size.

How big can bearded dragons get?

Normally, bearded dragons are average 12 to 24 inches in length, included their tail. And an adult can approximate 0.6 to 1.1 pounds in weight. However, this is just a general number.

The length of dragons also depends on some factors such as Their species, the state of health, their diet and the sex. For example, the male bearded dragons are always bigger than the female bearded dragon.

You should keep your pet in the best tanks bearded dragons with the right size for them to fully develop.

How long did bearded dragon take to grow?

Bearded dragon will grow in full size of them at around 12-18 months. They start with 3-4 inches in length when hatching and can end up with 24 inches in length when fully mature.

You can guess your bearded dragon’s age due to their size and growth rates:

Before hatching, a baby dragon will be around 3-4 inches in length. After 6 to7 weeks later, in a normal way, they grow doubly to 6-8 inches.

When they are 3 months old, with good condition, almost dragons will be longer as a foot. At around 6 months, at this stage of life, the dragon reaches its sexual maturity and the length will approximate 16 inches.

One year old, their length can increase to 24 inches and fully grow if it is taken good care of.

The reason why bearded dragon running

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The bearded dragon is usually a very calm reptile, it will not have actions that are too excited or suddenly become energetic. However, many bearded dragons are running around, is this a suspicious behavior?

 Bearded dragon running is not the action of a single animal, it can occur in any bearded dragon. This action can come from a variety of reasons and you can show how to respond through these reasons.

Long-time bearded dragon owners are also elusive and explain this behavior of bearded dragon. Especially for beginners, you need to really focus on your pet from the smallest things to keep them healthy and happy.

Here are the main reasons why a bearded dragon runs around:

#1 Being threaten

The bearded dragon will probably suddenly run around if it feels a threat approaching it.

The threat of a bearded dragon is usually an animal of a larger size than it, an unusual light change or a loud noise.

Running is a natural behavior of any animal that is free from intimidation, and bearded dragons are no exception.

#2 Wrong approach

The bearded dragon may suddenly run away if you approach it the wrong way. Not all approaches are right and you need to know how to bearded dragons don't run away when you want to pick them up.

The bearded dragon has an eye on the top of his head to sense the change in light, which is what helps them escape the threats from above.

That's why you should avoid approaching it from the top. Gently pick it up from both sides.

#3 Strange

The bearded dragon may run away from strangers it first encounters. They can be distinguished through body odor.

#4 Glass surfing

Bearded dragons can run around the cage if they have too much power. This phenomenon is called glass surfing and it happens when the temperature in the cage is turned off or there is something wrong with the humidifier.

So check the devices to calm down the bearded dragon.

Best Foods For Bearded Dragons: Zilla Reptiles Munchies VS. Fucker Medley

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Bearded dragons are omnivores; they eat a variety of insects, vegetables, and fruits. Bearded dragons are not picky eaters; they readily accept any food that you feed them.

Feeding bearded dragons is not a different task but you should keep in mind that the variety of food is the key. This will make mealtime become more appealing to them.

As a bearded dragon keeper, it is your responsibility for choosing the best foods for bearded dragons so that they will reach their optimum health.

In many different types of the best food commercially made for bearded dragons, we recommend that you should try the two packaged foods: Fluker's 72023 Bearded Dragon Medley Reptile Treat VS. Zilla Reptile Munchies For Pets.

#1 Ingredients

It is obvious that ingredient is the most important thing that you should consider when choosing commercially food for bearded dragons. The food should be made of safe, rich nutrients for bearded dragons. You should check the full ingredients of the food from any bearded dragon supplies.

Zilla Reptiles Munchies are made from real ingredients such as Sun Dried Bok Choy, Freeze Dried Zucchini, Freeze Dried Green Beans, Freeze Dried Peas, Freeze Dried Bananas, Sun Dried Carrots, Freeze Dried Crickets, Freeze Dried Mealworms, Freeze Dried Silkworms with Calcium.

These ingredients include both meat-based and plant-based food. It is easy and quick to provide your pets with a variety of desirable green vegetables and insects that they prefer.

Fluker’s medley freeze-dried is made from freeze dried mealworms, freeze dried grasshoppers, freeze dried crickets. These are all real dead insects instead of being in pellet form. The free-drying process will keep the flavour and the freshness of this food for along time.

#2 Nutritional value

If you are feeling tired of finding the high sources of protein in order to provide for your bearded dragons with all the energy they need for the day, then choosing Fluckers Medley can be a great alternative.

Fukers Medley provides essential proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals for complete and balanced nutrition.

All bearded dragons keepers will know that calcium is essential to reptiles for proper bone health. To avoid the calcium deficiency illness in bearded dragons, you can provide them with Zilla Reptile Munchies since it contains quite a much amount of extra calcium.

Do you need to add crested gecko accessories in their cage?

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If you are finding a way to set up your crested gecko’s enclosure habitat, do not forget to add crested gecko accessories. Crested geckos are vertebrate tropical species, there are three basic requirements of them that you should provide when you set up and decoration their cage: places to hide, things for them to jump or climb water accumulation.

Besides, you should ensure that you are present the cage in the correct way. Your crested geckos require enough space to hide and cover them in order to avoid stress by exposing; enough height and branches for them to climb; and the proper humidity with the best reptile fogger.

Why you should add gecko accessories in their cage?

Environmental enrichment for animals in captivity is necessary but not every crested gecko’s owner takes notice of it. There are some benefits of environmental enrichment are: improve the development of neural and cognitive functions; improve activity frequency; decrease stress levels and susceptibility; improve immune ability and build up resistance:

In captivity, your crested geckos tend to live much more sedentary than their wildlife. So it is important to provide them enough space to adjust their body temperature and doing some instinct behavior.

Adding accessories in their cage can simulate their activity; decrease the risk of obesity and some other health problem.

According to the study, doing exercise and activity play an important role in improving neural and reduces stress. It allows your geckos to exhibit their natural behaviors.

What are accessories you should put in crested gecko cage?

Branches, vines, live plants, fake plants, tubes, hide boxes, PVC pipes, bamboo, moss, food dish platform, etc

How to choose safe accessories?

You can buy these accessories at any pet stores or even DIY it for your pet but whatever you use as accessories, ensure that it safe for your crested geckos. Ensure that not get any things with sharp or rough edges or with dangerous electrical wires. They also should be free from paint or dyes.

There are also some plants can harm your crested gecko, so before buying, you need to do some little research to discover types of plans that safe for them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gravel Vacuum

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If you are keeping an aquarium, you have to take responsibility to maintain clean water for your fish. And vacuuming gravel is one of your works. The dirt, waster, excess foods and other debris will build up in the tank bottom and you need to remove them.

The traditional methods to clean the tank might take you a lot of time and effort for this job, due to that you cannot always keep the clean environment for your fish. However, you can get to use the best aquarium gravel vacuum to remove all these water pollutants and also ammonia and nitrate that they produce.

But for those who have never get a gravel vacuum before, there are also many questions will come to your mind, this post will help you answer some basic things about gravel vacuum.

How to choose the correct size of gravel vacuum?

The gravel vacuum available come with many different sizes of tubes. Choosing the tube that suitable for your tank. The length of the tube should longer the depth of your aquarium if you do not want to submerge your arm into the tank.

There are 3 different sizes of tube: The largest size is 2 inches (5cm) will suit the aquariums 20 gallons and more. The medium size is 1,5 inches (4cm) will suit the aquarium from 5-20 gallons. And the mini size about1 inches (2,5 cm) will suit the aquarium up to 5 gallons.

How often should you vacuum your tank?

When it comes to the frequency of vacuuming gravel, you should vacuum regularly for at least once a week.  If your tank contains lots of fish and plants that means you have to vacuum more often.

Remember to remove all the decoration and accessories out of your tank when vacuuming, there is a much amount of waste settles under those things.

What you should do if you do not have a vacuum?

If you are not ready to get the best aquarium gravel, you have to do the other work to remove the waste in your tank. You can have the under gravel filters to help you clean the bottom area, but it also comes with some drawbacks.

Keeping some scavenger species of fish such as shrimp and sails. Control the amount of food that you feeding them to avoid they leave the excess food wasted.

Best Bedding For Bearded Dragon: Zoo Med Eco Cage Carpet VS. Zoo Med Eco Earth Loose Coconut Fiber

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Bedding is the material placed on the floor of the bearded dragon cage. Bearded dragons spend most of their time in the cage, so the bedding will directly impact the health and enrichment of your pets.

Wrong bedding can lead to impaction and disease for them. The best bedding for bearded dragons is very important for them to enjoy along and happy life.

In this post, we will look at two of the best bedding for bearded dragons: Zoo Med Eco Earth Loose Coconut Fiber Substrate VS. Zoo Med Eco Cage Carpet.

#1 Safety and non-toxic material

Above all things, the primary concern of bearded dragons owner is the safety of pets. Whatever bearded dragon substrate you are using, ensure that it is natural and does not contain any harmful dyes or colors, which might cause irritation to bearded dragon’s skin and eyes.

Zoo Med Eco Cage Carpet is the product made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic bottles. This makes it is environmentally friendly and extremely affordable as well. Moreover, with the carpet bedding, you can totally remove the concern about the risk of accidental ingestion like some other loose bedding.

Zoo Med Loose coconut Fiber is an all-natural product that means it is completely safe for your bearded dragons.

Because this bedding is so fine, it is not caused any problems with digestion ore impaction if you bearded dragons accidentally ingest. However, this bedding can be a bit messy and dust when it is dry.

#2 Easy to maintain

It is obvious that bearded dragons bedding requires frequent cleaning. Choosing the bedding that easy to reduce and replace can save much of your time and effort.

Zoo Med coconut fiber is quite easy to clean. You can spot clean and remove solid waste from loose bedding with spoon or scoop. And once per month, you should completely change the substrate.

Coconut fiber is also very well absorbs, which makes it an ideal product for odor control.

Zoo Med Carpet is easier to clean than the loose since you just wash it under the running water and wait it dry then put it back in the cage. To replace, it comes in 13 x 48 inches. This size is ideal for 55 gallons tank but it can be easily cut and used for a smaller tank.

Do bearded dragons make good pets?

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When it comes to keeping pets at home, these animals like god are cat has been thought firstly. However, bearded dragons are rising in popularity as a pet in the family. What makes them highly appreciated like this? Do bearded dragons make good pets?

These following are some reasons that make bearded dragons a good pet and why you should keep for your own a beardie.

#1 Breaded dragons are easy to care for

Like the other pets, bearded dragons also need a proper environment to live healthy. But once you know how to correctly set up the best UVB bulb and temperatures for these cold-blooded animals, they are incredibly easy animals to care for.

Bearded dragons are omnivores that meant they eat both plants, vegetables and animal-based food; they are even like to eat fruit too.

#2 Bearded dragon is well behaved

They are tent to move slowly and prefer to be passive than aggressive. They are known as their character of docile and affectionate. Bearded dragons hardly ever hurt you. They would like to communicate with their owner. Furthermore, bearded dragons like to be cuddled by human.

#3 Bearded dragons have a long life

You can bring you bearded dragon home when they are 3-4 months old and keeping them for more than neat decade. Because in the captivity, a bearded dragon tends to live about 10-15 years and more under proper care. Providing for your bearded dragons a correctly diet, temperature and lighting, usually bring them to reptile veterinarian to prevent any illnesses. And your pets will have a healthy and happy life for a long time.

#4 Bearded dragons have a special appearance

They are having a unique look since there are no two bearded dragons are the same. Each bearded dragon is unique due to their own patterns, colors, behavior and character. It is a great experience to see each of them has its own personality.

Best Light For Leopard Gecko: OMAYKEY 100W VS. Zoo Med Basking Combo

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If you are planning to keep a leopard gecko, then you first need to learn and research about their lighting and temperature needs to live in confinement. 

Leopard geckos are nocturnal animals, they are more active, do almost activities during the night and sleep all day. They do not need lots of light but the proper lighting also very important for the overall well being of leopard geckos.

These following are the best light for leopard gecko that we recommend to you in order to help you avoid overwhelming when choosing a light for your pets: OMAYKEY 100W 2 Pack Ceramic Heat Lamp VS. Zoo Med Basking bulb pack Day and Night Combo.

#1 Temperature

When it comes to best UVB light for leopard gecko, the temperature is also an important part because the lighting is the way to provide heat. Unless you are using the heat pads to warm up your pets from below, you will not need the heating bulb as the heat source.

The Zoo Med Basking Combo is the all in one since it includes a daylight spot lamp and an infrared heat lamp.  The reptile Basking Spot is 75 watts will do the work of provides heat for you leopard geckos during the day. Due to two heat bulbs, this combo will serve heat for your pets 24 hours a day.

The spot lamp also emits a concentrated heat source for your leopard gecko basking under. This lamp can be able to focus 35% more light and heat in one spot and can last for 2000 hours.

OMAYKET ceramic heat power is 100 Watts and the input voltage is AC 90-120V. Like Basking combo of Zoo Med, this ceramic lamp also can emit heat for 24 hours per day with 100% efficiency. 

It could last 9000-15000 hours and so on. When it comes to heating, there is no much lamp that can more effective than a ceramic bulb.

#2 Night time lighting

Leopard geckos are nocturnal reptiles, they mainly active in the nighttime. If you are providing them with a while lighting all day. It will affect on regulating your Leo’s internal clock. Instead, to avoid bother your pets at night, you should offer them red or blue light.  

A mention above, Zoo Med basking combo includes both daylight bulb and an infrared het bulb to use for the night. This infrared heat lamp is made out of the red glass with premium quality, which will offer a 24-hour heat source for your leopard geckos.

The 100W black infrared heat bulb of OMAYKEY is made of solid ceramics element. It has a perfect heat radiation feature with no light emitted. Which will ensure your pets will receive enough amount of heat that they need without being disturbed by white light at night.