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10 Best Hydro System For Growing Weed

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Growing marijuana in the soil can be considered as traditional method that many people think it is simple, but with the appropriate hydroponic system and enough expertise, you may reap numerous benefits from growing the marijuana without soil. It is even more easier, less messy than grow marijuana in soil and hydroponics system also helps shorten the time it takes to mature, your marihuana will grow faster than you would guess.

The only problem with hydro system is building it could be a tricky and challenging for beginners. Fortunately, there are many pre-assemble hydroponics system available in the market. Here are some of the best hydro system for growing weed that I would like to recommend.

Top 10 Hydro System for Growing Weed

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#1 Bavnnro Dwc Hydroponic System

The Bavnnro DWC hydroponic system is especially designed to provide a healthy root environment, minimize the negative effects of soil condition. Double outlet air pump helps aerates your reservoir, provide a cycle top feed drip watering system, allowing DWC roots to develop strongly. The kit will offer you: 4 hydroponic buckets with lids, a 20L water reservoir, an air pump with pump drip part, ceramist, air pipe, gas stone, water level indicator, 5 valve connections, and an instruction. Because the essential ingredients for growing can be recycled, this hydroponic system provides the benefits of saving water and higher yield.

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#2 GROWNEER 6 Sites Hydroponics Grower Kit Household DWC Hydroponic System

If you are looking for the great system for marijuana growth with cheap price, GROWNEER 6 Sites Hydroponics Grower Kit is perfect for your need. It is self-watering, good quality, effective, and affordable. It is constructed of plastic and comes with all of the necessary attachments. The package includes a hydroponic system grow box with lid, rockwool 12 cubes, air pump & tube, connector, 6 sponges, 6 net cups, and other equipment. This small size kit allows you to grow up to 6 weed plants.

The grow box is constructed of quality material that prevents light from entering, maintain the dark environment to inhibits the algae and improves the efficiency of nutrients. The setup is basic and straightforward, and it does not need a great deal of effort.

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#3 HTG Supply Bubble Brothers DWC Hydroponic System

This system is incredibly simple to set up and use, what makes it ideal for both beginners and experts. It maybe looks rather typical, is not very different with other DWC bucket system but it provides best value for the price. The system includes 6 low profile 3.5 gallons assembled buckets, 6 net pod lids, 6 air stones, an air pump, 10-liter bag with clay pebbles grow medium. The kit It gives your marijuana enough nutrients and oxygen that they can take from water.

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#4 VIVOSUN Hydroponic Grow Kit

This hydroponic kit is equipped with innovative programmed timed circulation system. That means the pump will be set to run for 5 minutes and then stop for 30 minutes to adopt the nutrient film method. This circulation option not only increases the pump's durability and longevity, but it also helps saves nutritional solution and improves the growth of your plants. The biggest advantages of vertical hydroponic design is that it save your space while still allows you to grow a lot of plants. This kit includes 3 layers with 108 plant sites.

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#5 Aunifun Hydroponics Grower Kit DIY Self Watering Indoor Hydroponics

This self-watering system has a dimension of 28 x 19 X 13.5 cm, that means it can fit nicely in your home. It works in the method as most deep water culture hydroponic systems, which the plant roots floating in nutrient-rich water through all their growth stages. It will promote fasters life cycle and increase yeild. There are 6 plant sites that can hold up to 6 plants. In the pack, you will get a grow box, a buoy, 6 planting net pots, 6 sponges, and tweezers.

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#6 iDOO 20 Pods Indoor Herb Garden Hyrdroponics Growing System with LED Grow Light

Unlike other options on this list, this IDOO indoor hydroponic system includes 34-Watt LED lights, that means you won’t need to buy separately lighting source when grown marijuana indoor. Not only marijuana plants, this garden can be used to grow taller veggies like pepper, tomato. The LED lights features smart timer controller, which allows you to set the lighting time to mimic the natural sunlight cycle. This compact system can hold up to 20 plants with 4pcs removable water tanks.

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#7 LAPOND Hydroponic Grow Kit, Hydroponics Growing System

Including the same construction and design with the VIVOSUN Hydroponic Grow Kit that I have reviewed above, the LAPOND hydroponic grow kit is also a vertical garden. This is the solution to grow a large number of plants in tight space. This hydroponic system supply nutrients straight to the roots of your plants, resulting in better nutrient uptake. This system is available in 5 sizes with different rows and layers, which allows you to choose the perfect one for your space. The water pump comes with a timer, which can set the on time and off time of the pump and makes it work automatically.

The Choice Seedbank Review: Top 420 Seed Banks Ship to the USA

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We would rate Choice Seed bank an decent 420 seed bank. Not the best, but decent and reliable.

However, when comparing their website to the top seed banks we are rating we did notice signicant problems with The Choice Seedbank.

Follow us along and see if you agree we are being picky or not?

First, Feminine cannabis, photoperiod, auto flowering, flowering time, just arrived and whether the plant grows indoor, outdoor or in a greenhouse are all there on the website. However, they are hidden.

There is a white search box to the top right of the website that says quick seed finder.

To find the categories however such as auto flowering, flowering time, and feminized, what you must do is click on advanced search just below the box. Then, and only then do you get the list of various categories to click on.

We don't know about you but we hate when a seed website lists hundreds of brands, most of which we don't know without dividing things up into categories.

The other irritation, and it is a major one is there is no category or characterization as to THC content.

Yes, each strain of cannabis seed has a nice description of characteristics of the cannabis when smoked, such as: "provides a stoned/high, all round buzz" but no mention of THC content anywhere. Why? THC is one thing almost every cannabis cultivator cares about.

There are plenty of positives to Choice seeds however.

First, there are nearly 90 products which Choice Seeds sells that allow you to buy a single seed. That's nice. Many amateur cannabis horticulturists want to "always be testing" and trying something new.

Being locked into a single larger purchase, even if it's simply a 5-seed pack discourages experimentation.

Another thing we like is that their FAQ's, the heart of the good stuff and the essential details is right on top in the navigation bar.

What are the essentials? First, that they do ship worldwide to the USA.

Second, those packages are shipped discreetly.

Finally, that they accept credit cards (other than Mastercard and Maestro,) wire transfers, bitcoin and cash. Also, that they ship by Royal Mail and overseas packages generally arrive in 7-15

What do customers say?

Here's how one customer charterized his transaction. He said he ordered March 14 and recieved his order on March 15. He raved that the packaging was great and all the seeds were intact.

He did gripe a little that the packaging did not come in the original breeder packaging, but that he would defintitely be a return customer.

We'd have no hesitation to recommend this British seed back as reliable, but we do believe you could do better.

Best Light For Leopard Gecko: OMAYKEY 100W VS. Zoo Med Basking Combo

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If you are planning to keep a leopard gecko, then you first need to learn and research about their lighting and temperature needs to live in confinement. 

Leopard geckos are nocturnal animals, they are more active, do almost activities during the night and sleep all day. They do not need lots of light but the proper lighting also very important for the overall well being of leopard geckos.

These following are the best light for leopard gecko that we recommend to you in order to help you avoid overwhelming when choosing a light for your pets: OMAYKEY 100W 2 Pack Ceramic Heat Lamp VS. Zoo Med Basking bulb pack Day and Night Combo.

#1 Temperature

When it comes to best UVB light for leopard gecko, the temperature is also an important part because the lighting is the way to provide heat. Unless you are using the heat pads to warm up your pets from below, you will not need the heating bulb as the heat source.

The Zoo Med Basking Combo is the all in one since it includes a daylight spot lamp and an infrared heat lamp.  The reptile Basking Spot is 75 watts will do the work of provides heat for you leopard geckos during the day. Due to two heat bulbs, this combo will serve heat for your pets 24 hours a day.

The spot lamp also emits a concentrated heat source for your leopard gecko basking under. This lamp can be able to focus 35% more light and heat in one spot and can last for 2000 hours.

OMAYKET ceramic heat power is 100 Watts and the input voltage is AC 90-120V. Like Basking combo of Zoo Med, this ceramic lamp also can emit heat for 24 hours per day with 100% efficiency. 

It could last 9000-15000 hours and so on. When it comes to heating, there is no much lamp that can more effective than a ceramic bulb.

#2 Night time lighting

Leopard geckos are nocturnal reptiles, they mainly active in the nighttime. If you are providing them with a while lighting all day. It will affect on regulating your Leo’s internal clock. Instead, to avoid bother your pets at night, you should offer them red or blue light.  

A mention above, Zoo Med basking combo includes both daylight bulb and an infrared het bulb to use for the night. This infrared heat lamp is made out of the red glass with premium quality, which will offer a 24-hour heat source for your leopard geckos.

The 100W black infrared heat bulb of OMAYKEY is made of solid ceramics element. It has a perfect heat radiation feature with no light emitted. Which will ensure your pets will receive enough amount of heat that they need without being disturbed by white light at night.

Best UVB Bulb: Repti-Sun 10.0 UVB VS. Evergreen Pet Supplies 100 Watt Bulb

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Reptiles in the enclosure have to be provided with all the requirements if you went them to thrive well. Reptiles rely on external sources of heat to keep their bodies warm. Besides, when you keep reptiles as pets, you will need to serve them the best UVB bulb for processing vitamin D, and synthesizes calcium.

This post will help you easier to choose UVB light bulbs by introducing to you two popular bulbs: Repti-Sun 10.0 UVB VS. Evergreen Pet Supplies 100 Watt Mercury Vapor Bulb.

#1 Types of bulbs

Repti-sun is Fluorescent bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs are the ideal options if you are a beginner or limited on budgets since Fluorescent bulbs have reasonable prices and fairly easy to mount.

Fluorescent bulbs are also safer to use if you do not have any experience for reptile lighting. These bulbs will provide only UVB rays for your reptiles. That means they do not radiant heat and you will still need a basking bulb as well.

Evergreen Mercury Vapor bulb, on the other hand, is the all-in-one bulb. It will be the solution for reptile keepers, who’ve got some experience in reptile lighting. A Mercury Vapor Bulb will provide UVA, UVB and heat for your reptiles.

You will not need to set up the complex lighting with more than one bulb in your cage. Mercury Vapor Bulbs are more expensive, lasting for longer and also stronger than Fluorescent UVB bulbs.

#2 Life span

In order to get the best result from the bulbs, it is better to replace the bulbs for a period of time. Even if the bulbs still emit the light, but they may no longer effective and provide enough amount of UVB that your reptiles require.

Repti-Sun bulb will provide an adequate amount of UVB for most of your pets and will last anywhere from 6 to 12 months on average. However, you should replace it with the new bulb for about 6 months.

Evergreen mercury vapor bulb will last for longer than Repti-Sun. You can replace this bulb every 12 months. This will ensure that your reptiles still receive an optimal level of UVB that is being put out.

#3 The tank to use for

There are differences between Repti-Sun 5.0 and 10.0. You should use the Repti-Sun 5.0 for the tanks that re 10 gallons. And 10.0 Repti-Sun bulb can work great with at least 40 gallons tank.

Evergreen 100 Watt bulb also should be used for 40 gallons tanks. If you are keeping more than 40 gallons tank, you can use the 160 Watt Mercury Vapor Bulb.

To our Saltbox family

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Historically the Saltbox Gallery has always had a spring show. We have been in the process of planning this year's show for early May, however in light of the current Covid-19 outbreak we are going to postpone our annual spring show. Making this decision was tough for us, but it was an easy decision to make. The health of you, our customers, our devoted followers, our friends, our family is of the utmost importance to us.

We have decided to move our show to the weekend of July 31st - August 2nd. We’re excited to be on Plum Island during the height of the summer season. (and the end of greenhead season!) We’ve already begun the process of planning our show, this delay only gives us more time to provide all of you with the best show possible. We’re going to have a blast and we can’t wait to see you all.

Stay tuned for updates on what our member artists are working on.

Stay safe and wash your hands. We look forward to seeing all of you this summer.

Thank you.
The Saltbox Gallery

A panoramic photograph of Menemsha, Martha's Vineyard by member artist Joe Frio

Artist member Candy Way

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Artist member Candy Way has been busy painting images of four siblings. She was commissioned to paint them for a gift. Instead of one large painting she and the client opted for four 7 x 5 paintings to hang as a grouping. This now allows each child to take their painting in the future. She takes commissions if you are interested.

Happy holidays from the Saltbox Gallery!

"Twas the night before Christmas" by Margie Florini.

This is what we do after a show on Plum Island watching the Patriots at Plum Island Grille. Is with Karyl Hayes

Saltbox Gallery Show today on Plum Island

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Saltbox Gallery Show today on Plum Island. Come and join us. Open 10am - 5pm. Pottery, jewelry, photography, paintings, sculpture and more. Come on in on this rainy day!!

Andrea M. Holbrook: Enjoyed the show yesterday. Missed former artists Laura Stover and Robert Hahn this year.

Saltbox Gallery: Andrea M. Holbrook so did we! We hope to see Robert in the next show! Thank you so much for coming!

Fall Art Show on Plum Island

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Opening tonight! 5-8 at the PITA Hall on Plum Island! Come see new works by your favorite Saltbox Artists and works by our 4 guest artists. With Photography, painting, pottery and jewelry there's something for everyone. Not to mention beer from True North Ale Co. and food from the Plum Island Grille!

The event to the link is in our bio!

8 Plum Island Boulevard, Newbury, MA 01951

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Deb Pinciaro creates magical unique pieces of pottery. Visit us this weekend on Plum Island at PITA Hall to see all the new work the artists are bringing!!

Debbie Frio

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I began sewing as a child and spent many years making clothes. As I got older curtains and other home décor items became added to my repertoire. In 1994, I took a class to learn how to quilt through my local town’s community services and have been addicted to all things quilts and quilting ever since.

I make quilts and quilted accessories from patterns, blocks and my own designs. I enjoy trying out different block combinations and patterns to create interesting and unique quilts, table runner and bed runners.

I see fabric the way and artist sees paint. Different uses of fabric designs and colors can make two of the same patterns look entirely different. That is where the fun starts when making a quilt!

Candy Way

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Fine art has been a part of Candy’s life from an early age when she was often a model for her artist mother, Ernee  Way. Later, she became her mother’s most promising student and emerged as a highly regarded  professional artist in her own right.

Sensitive to the interaction of changing light and shadow, her paintings are characterized by energetic brushwork infused with vibrant color. Having a keen eye for the impressionist style, and being extraordinarily adept with a high-key palette, her interpretation results in images that are stunningly iridescent and a delight to the senses. Candy says, “I feel a spiritual connection with nature that inspires me to capture the raw beauty that is inherent in the world around us.” Most notably, and perhaps the most fitting tribute to her work, Candy’s paintings are sought not only by collectors but also fellow artists.

Candy studied Fine Arts at the University of Massachusetts, Boston and received private instruction from Ernee Way and Copley Master Robert Scott Jackson. She is a former member and Secretary of the Guild of Beverly Artists, an artist member of the North Shore Arts Association, the Newburyport Arts Association, the Society of Master Impressionists, the American Impresssionist Society and the National Oil and Acrylic Painters’ Society.