Guest Artists

   We are delighted to present the work of several of our past Member Artists. Charles Hahn, Susan Weber, Cynthia Keefe, and Ernee Way have been just four of the many talented artists and artisans who have been a part of Saltbox Gallery’s history since its founding in 1988. We also please to have Joe Frio return once again as a guest Photographer.


Charles Hahn                  Efface 22H 15W 15D                  Flows Like A River 18H 10W 18D      Standing Ready 20H 9W 9D   The youthful Attitude 35H 16W 16D



                              Susana Weber

Dreaming in blue      Habitat maze         Massi jumpers


“Nature is in a constant state of evolution. Every moment is one of movement and becoming. This intensifies my fascination for painting landscapes, often doing the same one with differing perspectives in its changes of season, movement, light and color. Impressionism was born out of this astute observation of movement and the short broken strokes with their myriad of colors in nature. Although movement is a vital ingredient of my approach, my primary focus is always light. Light in THE vehicle by which all images are conveyed and created. How wonderful it is to be an observer and interpreter of the beauty nature has to offer.”

Fragmented Oil 24x24                   Poppy Punch 9X12 5-06 Large

Promises                                                  Giverny


Cynthia Keefe - Koi & Bubbles             Cynthia Keefe - Geisha Jacket

CYNTHIA KEEFE                                                                                                          

“Funky and Eclectic” describes Cynthia’s art applied to up-cycled leather and denim clothing.

She brings nature, shine, and humor to her Art to Wear.




Joe is a photographer,tutor and teacher based in the Greater Boston Area. He studied at the New England School of Photography.

Recently focusing on the Fine Art in nature he is moving towards capturing people in photography.


Commuter ┬⌐JoeFrioPhotography        Samuel Phillips Hall┬⌐JoeFrioPhotography

Aquinnah ©JoeFrioPhotography