Centennial Gallery



IMG_1675    Spring Exhibit At The Centennial Gallery

May 14 – June 17


   We are very pleased to present this exhibit and sale of selected works hosted by The Centennial Gallery.


 The Centennial Gallery was formed by the healthcare professionals at The Musculoskeletal  Center for the expressed purpose of bringing at into the lives of its patients and the community.


Centennial Gallery At The Musculoskeletal Center ~ 4 Centennial Drive, Peabody, MA.

The Exhibit is open to the public Mondays – Fridays 8:30 – 6:00.


 IMG_1685       IMG_1688

 IMG_1677         IMG_1690

  IMG_1676       Frenchman Bay  28" x 30"  Oil on Canvas

IMG_1687        IMG_1686