Michael Milczarek

Michael made the decision to ‘try a painting class’ after visiting galleries and art shows with his wife for years. He found an artist whose work he admired also offered classes for adults in the evenings.  In 2000 he signed up and has been painting in oils ever since.

He grew up and lives on Massachusetts’s North Shore where he draws his inspiration from painting the everyday scene.

“We have a great range on subject matter to draw from in New England, ranging from rocky coastlines, smooth beaches, salt marshes, fields, meadows and mountains.  We drive by them every day going to work, school, errands and endless soccer, band, and football practices.

My inspiration is to remove the asphalt, streetlights and buildings in order to see the landscape as it truly is.  The majority of my landscapes are literally a view from the side of the road.”

Michael works primarily with a full color palette often tilted towards a tonal approach.  His goal for a landscape painting is to convey a sense of quiet calm we all need from time to time.

He is an artist-partner in the Saltbox Gallery and is a member of several area art associations.


Website: www.michaelmilczarek.com