George Hilton

Master craftsman George Hilton draws on his extensive personal and professional experience to create the stunning works of art that bear his name.

An avid hunter and fisherman, George was a licensed taxidermist for twenty-five years who was renowned in the industry for his remarkable aFlamingo finish workbility to capture and recreate the essence of wildlife fish and game. As Harry Kennerson, expert Sportsmen journalist said of George in his featured article, “He paints the best rainbow trout I have ever seen.”

In the 1990’s when Jurassic Park was all the rage, George created a sensation by hand painting and mounting dinosaur heads. “Hilton Heads” soon caught the attention of The Sharper Image and George’s dinosaurs were chosen as the featured item in their Christmas Catalogue. The first mailing went out to one million people. CEO Richard Thalheimer of The Sharper Image wrote of George’s works of art “Few handmade collectibles have generated as much admiration and conversation in our offices.” “Hilton Heads” began appearing in such places as the Boston Museum of Science and they were shipped all over the world.

Now George has applied his remarkable ability to create stunning works of art to carving and painting wooden birds, fish and mammals. Because each life sized animal is crafted one at a time, each one is an original and comes with a brief story about the artist’s inspiration behind the piece. Sometimes that inspiration comes from a pet owners’ desire to immortalize their beloved pet.

The process of handcrafting each piece is a laborious one but once the final touches including glass eyes are added, if they looked any more real, you’d have to feed them.